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Kristin believes that the school board's primary role is to be a liaison between all community members and Carmel Clay Schools (CCS). She will work with residents, parents, students, teachers, staff and administrators to help create the best possible learning environments for all students. Great communication, inclusive policies and school safety are the building blocks for academic success and mental well-being.


Kristin would like to work toward better communication between CCS and the Carmel community. While curriculum information, the CCS strategic plan, and multiple other tools for success are readily available to the public, parents and community members seem to have limited knowledge of these resources. Kristin would like to eliminate that disconnect.

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Kristin would like to ensure that CCS continues to expand on policies that create a safe learning environment for students from all walks of life, including students who are neurodiverse or have special needs and learning differences.


School safety is one of the number one concerns in our country today. Kristin was an ardent supporter of the school safety referendum passed in 2019. The Carmel community has an excellent group of School Resource Officers (SROs) who support every single CCS school building. We must continue to grow as a school to understand and determine the changing safety needs of our community.

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